Women to Women Listening Circle provides mentoring and training for women who discover their capacity to be present through the experience of relational listening, so that they may:

  • Provide opportunities for women to share their stories in a safe place.
  • Empower women to break the cycles of abuse, violence, homelessness, and poverty.
  • Mentor and connect women who wish to form volunteer listening teams.
  • Help women identify their capacity to be a listening and non-judgmental presence.

We encourage women interested in training to sit in for a few sessions and observe the group. Listeners and sharers equally welcomed!

Thursdays, 3pm

310 Hadlock Bay Road
Port Hadlock, WA 98339

Women to Women Listening Circle meets at the Old Alcohol Plant, on the Bayside Housing floor, Room 206. We hope to add additional meetings around the region to meet the needs of women in many communities.

Download an informational brochure. We are happy to mail or drop-off printed copies upon request. Program volunteers are available to speak to your group or gathering, email info@baysidehousing.org to schedule a speaker.

Funding for this program generously provided by St. Cecilia Parish of Bainbridge Island.

Comments from Program Volunteers:

“It is an honor to be present to the women who choose to meet with us. I am always overwhelmed by the multiple challenges they face, their ability to both endure them and work through them, and their continuing positive outlook on life. Our special gift is to laugh with each other.”

“I like being person to person with these women, rather than just donating money to this non-profit. Meeting with the women in this project allows me to better understand their unique situations.”

“When women are comfortable enough with other women to share their thoughts, concerns, issues openly and freely without fear of being judged, given unsolicited advice, or ridiculed, then the opportunity to feel valued for oneself as a unique person is afforded. I appreciate the gifts the women share with each other in terms of caring, kindness, compassion, and respect. My time spent in volunteering is a gift to me and I treasure it.”